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GoSell Going Green

GoSell Going Green


Over the past decade, the contribution of ICT companies and operations to sustainability have been put to the test. Technological advancement is recognized as having a longstanding impact on changing civilization and making communication efficient. E-Commerce is among the advantages of technological enabling online business operations over the internet through digital marketing, sales, and payments. However, accompanying this advancement is an increased demand for storage, networking, and computerization that influence the establishment of large data centres. The data centers are characterized with numerous servers that consume a significant amount of energy and production of greenhouse gases. ICT operations have environmental consequences associated with ICT life cycle from production, use and disposal of technology and the use of energy resources. The need to assess the energy consumption and E-Waste production and disposal is brought to light as a hindrance to sustainability in the ICT sector. These factors negatively contribute to the increase of climate change effects.

As a result, ICT companies have in recent years recognized the disparity in their company structures and operations and the impact they have on the environment. The challenge has necessitated innovative modifications of technology use and energy consumption to contribute to sustainable transformation of the global community (Hoffman, 2007). Companies globally set goals and objectives to support Sustainable Development Goals as the world struggles with the impending threat of climate change. The movement has led to ambitious efforts and targets to achieve carbon neutrality and green energy initiatives.

GoSell Company and Green Energy

GoSell Company prides itself as an organization that values contribution to the sustainable development and growth of the global community. The Company strives to be an eco-sustainable organization meeting global trends and contributing to the sustainable development goals. The Company recognizes the need to monitor our business operation to determine our contributions to climate change. We realize that sustainability is an important investment in a long-term perspective that ensures economical and safe utilization of resources. The efficiency of operation and minimized consequences ensures business continuity positively influencing the attainment of the SDGs.

Goals and objectives

Our Company sets out to minimize energy consumption and mitigate potential effects on the environment. To achieve the objective, the Company sets out goals and objectives to guide the Company’s operation.


  • Reduce our carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Achieve 100% renewable energy in our business system.


  • Adoption of green building systems.
  • Upgrading systems and technology for eco-efficiency
  • Green energy adoption in our operations (Renewable energy source)

Our Strategy

GoSell strategy is three-pronged aiming to remodify operations through innovative measures for a sustainable outcome. The three- prongs will include adjusting energy consumption levels through upgrading to energy efficient technology, adoption of energy efficient building designs for our data centres, shifting to renewable energy sources

Energy efficient data management and eco-efficient servers.

Our Company has implemented an innovative upgrading of our systems web designs to efficiently manage data and our operations. The adjustment of web designs actively contributing to intense energy consumption by computing systems and servers. We propose the transition to minimal energy consumption through webpage optimization. The strategy require an adjustment of our webpages to reduce website page sizes, supplemented by optimizing CSS, JavaScript and font. Our Company estimates a reduction of energy consumption from data centres and servers by 70% through the measure. This will adequately contribute to the attainment of eco-efficiency in our technology and system operations. The intervention reduces our carbon footprint significantly by reducing the energy we utilize. Further the mechanism our reduces energy demand which makes it easier to achieve our 100% renewable energy goal with a lower cost of operation.

Energy-efficient energy consumption.

Going green for us as a company banks on transitioning our data centres and premises to adopt the use of renewable resources of energy. Across our stations, we prioritise the installation of renewable energy generation through solar panels. We decided to tap on solar radiation, that is a renewable source of energy requiring minimal cost of installation in contrast with other sources such as nuclear energy and wind energy. In addition, the Company actively purchases power from wind power generators and other solar producing electricity grids to supplement our solar grids.

However, our company recognizes that renewable energy may fail as a 100% reliable source with limitations of unpredictable weather that reduces the solar energy produced. As such the Company requires substantial amounts of electricity from the normal carbon-based sources of energy. Borrowing from major international interventions, our Company plans to complete our carbon neutrality by offsetting energy consumption as a mechanism through which GoSell contributes to sustainable energy. To achieve our carbon neutrality ambitions, we purposefully offset our energy consumption and carbon footprint in the environment by investing and funding other programmes or project that generate and use renewable energy.  We actively campaign for the generation and advancement of renewable energy to be used as an effective and reliable source of energy in the near future.

Green Building and Minimized Energy Consumption

In order to attain our carbon neutrality, we have initiated programmes to modify our premises and data centres construction to incorporate green building strategies. Buildings contribute to over 40% energy use and substantial global emissions of GHGs (Zhang and Cooke, n.d).  The adoption of building designs is a strategic way of reducing energy consumption in data centers. Innovative designs and concepts are instrumental to minimize energy consumption in buildings through HVAC systems and other services such as lighting. The cost of purchasing renewable energy is substantially reduced with the reduced demand for energy. As a result, the intervention is a supplementary action to serve the Company in reducing its carbon footprint and efficiently reducing energy consumption.


Our Company sets out to be a benchmark on levels matching global achievements of tech companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple in influencing sustainable development. Sustainability to us is an investment, ensuring our company continuity through associated benefits of green energy action. The reduction in cost of operation and investment in efficient data management and energy is an advantageous way to boost our revenues and adequately achieve our goals by reinvesting in achieving global Sustainable Development Goals. As such, our company prides ourselves for our achievements and project the transformation of our operations to be a benchmark of a completely sustainable franchise system for other global organisations.