Our Story
Our Story

Our Story

History of the GoSell journey

The idea of GoSell was formed in 2016, developing a shopping app to target buyers for a physical shopping center.

After seeing the E-Commerce market growth in the 2nd and 3rd world our founders decided to act.  GoSell was born from the development of Tabylga shopping app.  It is a tool to help buyers and sellers increase their economic development, boost sales, lessen poverty and grow small businesses.  For those that cannot afford to be in a physical location, GoSell provides the perfect Virtual Shopping mall location for small business to succeed.

Why do we do it?

Our Goal at GoSell is to decrease poverty worldwide.  We hope to have thousands of people lifted out of poverty thanks to the use of our innovative technology.

In addition, we want to provide economic opportunity for all Genders, Races and build a diversity program.

We want to become the industry leader in Green energy and carbon neutral business sustainability.