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GoSell Company and Charity

GoSell Company and Charity


The year 2020 and the entire Covid 19 period has been the most memorable period to many people if not all across the globe. The pandemic hit almost the whole world affecting the economy worldwide therefore shutting down globe’s greatest economies. This made COVID 19 the most serious public health catastrophe after the flue pandemic that happened in 1918.  The effects of this pandemic in turn affected the economic, social and political aspects of the people.

With the effects mentioned above, shift happened affecting even the non-profit sector. Many countries among which are the developing went to a recession leading to high closure of processing, manufacturing and construction industries. Therefore, the levels of unemployment and dependency went high calling for an action on the matter. Some of the employment sources resumed later on while the larger percentage remained in closure, hitting all demographic groups so hard.

To help in counter attack promising poverty, charity groups have to chip in. Charity and giving is influenced by certain characteristics for instance; age, religion and tradition, gender, education, ethnicity, wealth and so on. Donors from all walks of life and the globe have recently reported lower levels of charity giving.

Goal and strategies

Our Company, is set to champion charities that come to the aid of communities, charity funding, investing in employees and putting an emphasis on their health. We are committed to reducing hunger and poverty both domestically and overseas, so one of our top charities will be feeding the less fortunate. While feeding today’s hungry people and mostly kids, remains our first priority. We are also devoted to eliminating the requirement for hunger relief in the future by assisting families and communities in achieving more secure lives. To empower people we assist, we will supply food and vital products, provide classroom and school materials to teachers and children, provide relief to households impacted by major catastrophes, and educate on nutrition and other healthy, sustainable living practices.

Education and Employment opportunities

We shall be geared towards improving level of education in existing and new educational centers. This will be a focus to the developing countries where many children do not make it to the second-grade level of education. That means our activities will cut across all levels of education. In primary and secondary schools, we shall leverage the school infrastructure for instance classrooms, reading materials and utilities to improve the learning environment. In the college and university level, we shall support innovations through grants to nature their research endeavours and programs.


An example is the Julie Ann Wrigley Foundation donated $50 million to build the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University, which provides multidisciplinary degree programs to create real answers to social, economic, and environmental challenges. Corporate philanthropic collaborations, according to University of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart, are an important approach for public universities to improve outcomes in teaching, research, and public engagement.


Therefore, improved education levels can lead to employment creation in the developing nations.

Some of the foundations that support this idea are; the APS Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who do work with non-profit, the public and private organizations to improve the quality of education of children and families. Goldman Sachs is another company that is concerned with supporting women. Their projects promote economic development by providing business and management education, mentorship and networking opportunities, and money to female entrepreneurs around the world.

Therefore, our goal to education will be;

  • To increase transitioning from kindergarten to colleges;
  • To advocate for data-driven decision-making that prioritizes student achievement;
  • To develop high-quality education and leadership in early-learning programs
  • To raise student achievement to increase innovation.


Health, Nutrition and Welfare

Our company will adopt a long-term approach to improving clean water access for the needy families in developing countries, reducing avoidable waterborne diseases, and empowering women through clean water provision and entrepreneurship. We shall do this through three main strategies, by;

  • Improving accessibility to water and sanitation, as well as encouraging better hygiene practices to have a good influence on health and development.
  • Developing or strengthening long-term water management strategies, as well as environmental sustainability and community health.
  • Encouraging the competent and sustainable use of water for economic growth.

We will collaborate with other organizations to provide much-needed medications and vaccinations to some of the world’s needy families, as well as train teams of health personnel and create child/family-friendly treatments. Our company will go beyond standard charity corporate fundraising and use its resources to assist save the lives of children and families, mostly in developing countries.


We will also continue to increase healthy food access to the most vulnerable families. Since the greatest way to solve poverty and hunger is to collaborate on a global level, we will collaborate with a diverse group of partner agencies from around the countries and beyond. Our distribution facilities will be situated in those needy community and will act as hubs for delivering crucial food and supplies to our partners, allowing them to assist disadvantaged families in their neighbourhoods, towns, and remote regions.

Develop a conducive and Robust Environment for running Businesses

We will aid young entrepreneurs, build a solid infrastructure for small and medium businesses, stimulate the growth of business clusters, and boost supporting industries to help create a more favourable business climate. Investing in community and development initiatives will also help to create a more favourable business environment for other donor companies.

Environmental Issues

We shall invest in programs and activities that will reduce waste generation, pollution and that encourage use of natural resources in a sustainable manner. Water conservation measures is one of the programmes we shall champion since many developing countries, families live in adverse condition as far as water is concerned. Therefore, we shall collaborate with the community and other institutions to conserve and manage available water resources in a sustainable way as well ensuring vital ecosystems are able to cater for the needs of the people.

This project will improve people’s and institutions’ abilities to properly manage water and biodiversity resources. It will also encourage creativity and cross-sector remedies to water-quality and accessibility issues.

Disaster management

Our company shall act immediately to any people and communities affected by calamities, in-kind donations of medical care and supplies, evacuation and rescue, and transportation of water purification systems to support in rebuilding and relief.

Social campaigns

The company in collaboration with other organizations, shall hold social campaigns on social initiatives to improve community cultural and arts possibilities, address civic and public affairs challenges, and a variety of other social concerns. These campaigns will be driven towards attaining different goals like; ending poverty, gender-based violence, crime, political injustice and environmental injustices among others. In the campaigns we will ensure training and empowering of the focused vulnerable groups to enable them to take a leadership role in combating the issues.


Poverty is a challenge that has been prevailing for long especially in developing countries. This problem cannot be handled by an individual therefore we would encourage other charity organizations to work with us in supporting the less fortunate community. By projecting back in 2020, charity organizations for example feeding the children witnessed an increase service demand which was a challenge for them to deliver. Therefore, to remain relevant and deliver, we shall collaborate with willing charity companies who will reach the people we cannot eventually get in touch.