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Technical Release Notes: Version 100 – “Tabylga” App

Technical Release Notes: Version 100 – “Tabylga” App

Release Summary:

April 2024

GoSell Limited is proud to announce the launch of version 100 of the “Tabylga” App in Kyrgyzstan, available across iOS, Android, and as a web-app update. This version introduces significant enhancements and features designed to enrich the shopping experience for our users and provide greater support for our merchants.

tabylga app release notes from gosell limited

Release Date:

  • April 2024


  • iOS (Compatible with iOS 14 and later)
  • Android (Compatible with Android 8.0 and later)
  • Web Application

New Features and Improvements:

  1. Enhanced User Interface: Redesigned for easier navigation, providing a more intuitive shopping experience.
  2. Advanced Product Search: Improved search functionality with AI-powered recommendations and faster response times.
  3. Seamless Payment Integration: Expanded payment options with enhanced security features for a safe and convenient checkout process.
  4. Personalized User Experience: Introduction of customizable profiles and shopping preferences to deliver a more tailored browsing experience.
  5. Merchant Dashboard Update: New tools and analytics for merchants to manage their products, track sales, and understand consumer behavior more effectively.
  6. Increased Performance and Stability: Leveraging the latest in cloud technology and our robust tech stack (Python, Node.js, React.js, KVS database, and an open-source database system) for enhanced app performance and reliability.
  7. Sustainability Initiatives: Features aimed at reducing the environmental impact of e-commerce activities, including eco-friendly shipping options.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues related to login and account creation.
  • Fixed product listing discrepancies across different devices.
  • Addressed minor UI/UX glitches for a smoother app experience.

Installation Instructions:

Users are encouraged to update to the latest version by visiting the App Store or Google Play Store. Web users can simply refresh their browser to access the updated version.


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